Based on our commitment to caution and care for our congregants and community, we will meet online only for worship through music and the Word until further notice. All activities on the church campus have been cancelled through the end of this month. His Mission will continue to provide meals to the community outside of the gymnasium and is working on additional ways to serve the poor that maintain required physical distances. To access Sunday services, either:

1) Click “Watch Live” in the upper right corner of this website to access live services or watch past services;

2) Go to to watch any service. With an account, click the "Subscribe" button and our channel will be on your sidebar

3) Go to and scroll down or click “Video” for quick access. "Like" our page and services will come up on your personal news feed

Our church office is open Monday-Friday, 9:00 AM – 3:30 PM, or you can reach us by calling (863) 293-0690 or by email at

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